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Courting KelTrickster

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Sometimes a bowl of guacamole can lead to unexpected taste treats.

Kane Fulton is a man accustomed to getting what he wants. And what he wants most is Hawaiian chef Maylea Kramer. But the striking woman wants nothing to do with him.

What Lea wants is for her burgeoning catering business, Lea’s Luaus, to grow at a more rapid pace. She knows Kane’s recommendation can make her or break her. So what devil possesses her to refuse his job offer? The ancient Hawaiian demigod Maui—the infamous “Trickster” perhaps? Or is Kane’s arrogance the only catalyst to her stubbornness?

Desperate situations call for devious measures and Kane is just the man to resort to chicanery to get the woman of his dreams.. Buying Lea’s bank loan, threatening to foreclose, he blackmails Lea into teaching him to cook.

When Lea discovers his lies, Kane learns the hard way that honesty is the only way he can win the woman of his heart.

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An Excerpt

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She had no idea how long she slept. Not long, judging by the bright moon riding high in dark and starry skies. A gentle breeze ruffled her hair.

Thank you, wind god, for this breeze to cool my skin. Mahalo, Ku and Hina, for my life. Protect me from the man-eater, Ka-lo.

"What about a woman eater?"

The deep voice seemed to come from all around her. Like the gentle breeze, it flowed over her, heating her skin with tingly warmth. Somehow she knew that whoever belonged to that voice meant her no harm. But his words--woman-eater--heated her most secret places and lit a fire in her mind. Here, in her dream, a dark head lay between her spread legs. Longing of a kind she had never felt before left her breathless and weak. Her fingers clenched at silk sheets but the rest of her body stayed completely still--a diver poised on a high cliff, waiting for the waves to clear her vision of the water far below. Waiting endlessly and filling with fearful anticipation. Her belly fluttered. Her breasts felt swollen, her nipples furled and achy.

"Do you know what is happening to you, Maylea--my wildflower?" His warm breath stole over her clit.

"Y-you're eating me." Hot shivers raced up her spine. She bit her lips, striving not to moan.

His chuckle against her swollen labia and rigid clit made her arch her hips. "Not yet, little flower. But I shall. Soon, I promise.

"Now, Ka-lo…please."

"Soon. In the meantime, pleasure yourself. You know how to do that."

She could feel a blush creep all over her body. "I'll wake up everyone."

"Ahh, I love a woman who screams her pleasure. Soon you'll scream for me."

She felt him move away. Her eyes flew open as she prayed to glimpse his face. But like a menehune he seemed to vanish into a bright moonbeam.

She hadn't seen his face, but he sounded just like Kane.