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Passion's TwinsPassion's Twins

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Marchonland's people have something new to gossip about. Twin princesses have come to find their mates. Prince Gerard and Prince Edgar are just the men for them.

In a typical identical-twin game, the women often switch places to see if the princes can tell them apart. Passion's Twins PrintAnd even though Gerard and Edgar know they are dealing with twins, they find distinguishing one from the other nearly impossible--unless the women are naked.

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An Excerpt
Copyright © DEE BRICE, 2009
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Pale flesh. Flaxen curls rioting over bare shoulders. Four half-moons, perfectly round, perfectly ripe. The women on their hands and knees on the wide bed, their faces hidden in the pillows.

“St. Christopher on a crutch!” Gerard swore.

Edgar swore as well. “Bartholomew’s balls! Have you ever seen Edina displayed thusly?”

“No. Rowena?”


“’Tis not the easiest position to maintain,” said one twin, her delectable derriere waving from side to side.

“Be quick, lest you fail this test,” said the other. Her twin half-moons swayed as well.

“While I have never seen Rowena in this position,” Edgar drawled, “I believe I would know her arse anywhere.”

“Likewise. Were I allowed to touch it now, I think I could recognize Edina’s. Well, ladies, are we allowed to touch you?”

The women glared over their shoulders then together, said, “Aye.”

“If you must,” one added, her tone surly.

Gerard flicked a questioning glance at Edgar. Had his younger brother also claimed touch as a means of recognizing his twin? Edgar shrugged.

“I hope the bed ropes hold,” Edgar said as he crawled across the mattress.

“It might prove more interesting if they broke. We’d tumble together like a litter of kittens.” Gerard sounded as if he wanted to laugh.

Edgar chuckled then stroked a hand over one smooth globe then the other. Each in turn quivered under his touch.

Gerard touched the twin on his side of the bed. “Hmmm. I cannot tell as yet.”

“Neither can I. Perhaps we should trade places.”

The bed ropes groaned as the men crawled across the wide bed. The twins moaned. Edgar and Gerard touched each twin’s buttocks then sat back on their heels.

Grinning, Gerard said, “Before Edina and I swived, I held her on my lap. I think I would know her if I held her like that again.”

Without waiting for permission, he and Edgar positioned their cocks between each twin’s thighs.

Though rigid, Edgar’s cock failed to celebrate its nearness to its goal. Nor did the woman’s quim weep for want of him. Gerard shook his head. The men shifted once more.

One hand stroking over her firm, round buttock, Edgar used his other to guide his cock between this new twin’s legs. And found the welcome he wanted most. Her nether curls dampened. Her outer lips puffed while her inner lips heated and seeped her juices over his cock.

Gerard apparently found a welcome of his own. His chest rose and fell in rapid pants. His eyes darkened then glazed. Edgar could hear his own shallow breaths and suspected his eyes were dark with need.

“We need you to sit up,” Gerard said, his hands sliding over the mounds of Edina’s buttocks and around her waist to cup her breasts.

“I—ahh. Oh Gerard!”

“Yes, Edina, ’tis I. And in this position I know ’tis you I hold.”