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Kerrie's Quest - eBookKerrie's Quest for Passion

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In Marchon's stables the grooms claim Kerrie rode all her lovers to their early deaths. In theguardroom the knights avowshe required her lovers to spear her so often their seed spilled like blood. And in the kitchens the cooks gossip Kerrie kept her lovers on the boil so long they expired from the heat.

Kerrie's QuestYou may have met her daughters in Passion's Four Towers. Come meet the notorious queen herself— and the men in her life. Alexandre the rich, well-travelled merchant. Brecc the lusty Duke. Cesare the talented painter. Doran. And the delicious Farid.

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Kerrie, lying naked in the middle of her wide bed, beckoned to the man at its foot. He stood in shadow, his face hidden, his magnificent body hidden as well, except for his glorious cock. That stood out from his body as if the firelight served only to show its perfection. Its size, the length and thickness of it, that he would bury it deep inside her, should have frightened her. It did not. 'Struth, she wanted it, yearned to taste its dew on her tongue, ached to feel it sliding in and out of her.

"Come, love. See how ready I am for you." Leaning back against her pillows, she spread her legs, then parted her nether lips with fingers that shook. His shaft throbbed and a drop of dew fell like a tear seeping down her cheek.

"Touch yourself," he said at last. "Slide your fingers deep inside so you can begin to learn how my shaft will feel when I swive you."

The crude word made her blush but she did as he asked. She would do anything to please him. Anything to bring him to her, into her.

"Play with your nipples while you plunge your fingers in and out of your quim. Yes, like that. It feels good, doesn't it?"

She moaned and arched into the exquisite pleasure her own hands brought her. "'Twould be even better were you to…touch me there."

"Say the word, Kerrie. Only then will I know how much you truly want me."

She drew a deep breath for courage then cried out, "Tup me! Please, I need you to tup me."