Dee Brice

Virtual Virgin

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His Virtual Virgin

Ellora's Cave | ISBN 9781419912276

In a chilled container combine
3 parts celestial gods
2 parts more-or-less human Earthlings
1 part hermaphroditic-holographic computer programmed to encourage sex Shake Well

Makes one or more Chaos Cocktails.

In His Virtual Virgin Venus and Jove, fearing Mars may cause another interplanetary conflagration, decide to distract the God of War with a battle of the sexes on Earth.

That one part hermaphroditic-holograph (Herma-Frodie) locks adversaries Celine, a Venusian sex surrogate, and Keefe, a Jovian attorney, in a den of iniquity. Celine and Keefe have a week to figure out how to free themselves. While they're struggling to get out, Herma-Frodie are fueling their sexual fantasies.

Freedom arrives when Celine and Keefe reveal secrets they are destined to share only with the person they'll love all their lives.

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 An Excerpt

Copyright © DEE BRICE, 2007
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“How do you feel about your alleged repeated loss of virginity, Miss Celine?”

“Objection, Your Honor. A Venusian female’s ability to regenerate her hymen is a medically accepted fact.”

“Medically accepted but not legally proven,” Judge Joren mumbled, feeling his cock stir when the witness smiled sweetly up at him. She seemed to grow even more beautiful, her skin glowing with the kiss of youth. Her impossibly green eyes greened until they looked like twin emeralds. He wondered if he could take her into his chambers and prove the allegation once and for all, conflict of interest be damned! “You may answer the question, Miss Celine.”

She seemed reluctant as she refocused her gaze on the middle-aged attorney standing before her. Small, even white teeth raked over her lower lip. Every man in the courtroom sighed, some out loud, some only to themselves. Joren considered himself one of the latter, though he’d barely restrained his groan.

“As with Earth women,” she said carefully in her husky contralto voice, “it depends on the man.” Before either attorney could object, she continued. “Most times, the very first penetration is painful and…messy.”

“Which you attribute to what?”

“Inexperience and eagerness on the part of the man.”

“Youth?” the attorney asked, his expression saying she would find neither pain nor mess with him. Or, for that matter, inexperience.