Dee Brice

Virtual Bride Her Virtual Frenzy

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At the age of thirteen, Sednan Princess Irisa’s long blonde hair fell out, but then grew back midnight black. At seventeen, her body erupted in beautiful rainbow-colored markings that show no signs of ever fading. Now twenty-one, she falls prey to the Frenzy—a condition of overwhelming lust. A condition that hasn’t happened to a Sednan female for over five hundred years.

Her parents are helpless to aid her, but her twin brother tries to save her sanity, enlisting the assistance of his three best friends to love Irisa through her torment.

With non-stop sex the only hope to save her mind, can Irisa find peace or will she be bound forever to the Frenzy?

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 An Excerpt

Copyright © DEE BRICE, 2011
All Rights Reserved

“This would go much easier,” Ramm cajoled, his tenor voice sapping more of her resistance.

“More pleasurably.” Didier’s basso whisper vibrated the Frenzy.

It began deep inside her pussy with little pulses that left her weak-kneed and wet between her thighs. Fighting it with shallow breaths did little good. Her mind tricked her ears. Instead of hearing her own gasps, she heard the men’s and felt their hot mouths and tongues lave her ears. Shivers of need pulsed along the rainbow markings on her body, the tracings like a second set of veins that carried lust to places her blood could not reach.

“If you would only let us bind you.” Didier finished the sentence, the sense of it already gone from her mind.

What her feverish brain registered made no sense in this time and place. Gentlemen did not disrobe in front of ladies other than their wives. But then, these three were men on a mission and the gods knew she did not feel like a lady.

Ramm’s morning coat was gone. His starched cravat draped like an unkempt rag around his powerful neck, its snowy color all but hidden by his now shoulder-length hair. His pupils filled his eyes, blue showing only at the outer edges. His full lips alternately pursed or opened, leaving her to wonder if he disapproved of her or intended to devour her.

Barra cleared his throat, drawing her gaze to him. Gone were his coat, waistcoat and shirt. Though slender as a rapier, his arms and torso rippled with toned muscles, his skin proclaiming he spent time outdoors without his shirt. His agile fingers worked the buttons on his britches. She gulped, glancing away like some shy maiden who had never before seen a naked man. Not that she had seen a naked man—only her brothers when they were young. Without her permission—without resistance as well—her gaze returned to follow his hands as they skimmed his britches lower. He spent time outside without any clothes at all. When her gaze encountered a nest of red-brown curls, she willed her eyes closed.

The Frenzy demanded she look.

She did, just in time to see Didier throw one silken cord at her and feel it drop down her arms, tightening around her knees. Seconds later another rope encompassed her elbows, rendering her hands useless. Hogtied, by all the gods!

She shrieked, praying her maids would send her guards to free her. Above the relentless pounding of her heart she heard nothing. No footsteps, light or heavy. No concerned voices, high or low. Only her heartbeat racing fast and faster and her gasps for breath struggling like an overloaded generator at peak demand.

Helpless. By all she held holy, she hated feeling helpless. Needy ran a close second to helpless and—Pluto’s fire!—she was both.

Shuffling her feet made her teeter. Though the other men were closer, Didier reached her first. Without apparent effort, he lifted her and then placed her in the center of her bed. When he turned away, her gaze followed and remained on him even when Barra and Ramm’s weights disturbed the mattress. Ramm stretched out along her right side. Barra plumped pillows, then settled on them at her feet. The heat of their flesh raised her own temperature and made her aware that both men were now completely naked.

Still her gaze remained on Didier.

His slow smile dared her to keep looking. Tilting her chin, she watched his elegant hands deal with his coat. He hung it and his waistcoat over her desk chair, but let his shirt and cravat drop to the chaise. His britches and smallclothes followed, along with his socks. She had no idea where he had put his shoes, nor did she care.

Her eyes widened as his cock grew until it stood out from crisp-looking dark curls like an axe handle driven into a log.

You want it in you.

 Frenzy whispered in her mind. Lust filled her empty pussy, a poor substitute for the rigid cock she craved.

Ramm’s fingers drifted down her arm, drawing her focus to his face—its youthfulness a stark contrast to his white hair. His hair, like Didier’s eyes, reminded her of Pluto’s great cats’—their manes making their heads seem even larger. She wanted to touch it, but with the rope still restraining her arms she could not. She peeked lower, delighted to discover coarse-looking snowy curls surrounding a cock of delicate pink that reddened when she licked her lips.

His laugh sounded shaky, adding to her sense of being in control. She could offer him untold delights if he would but free her arms. Grant him access to heaven if he allowed her to spread her knees. Two simple actions on his part, her gratitude the gift of a lifetime.

Didier’s weight on the bed put paid to her idea of using her wiles on Ramm.

Barra drew the rope around her knees to her ankles. Producing a sharp-looking blade from thin air, he cut the rope in half, which had no obvious impact. Each half looked just as long as before if not longer.

“I…” She licked her dry lips. “I cannot be naked with all of you here.” Not that she was naked now, just that she soon would be. She had no idea why all of them meant something different than just one, but it mattered to her.

The men exchanged looks she did not understand. Pluto’s fire, she did not understand herself—her mind screaming all the reasons she should not be alone with any man, never mind three. Her body craving everything and more that these men could offer.

“Then you shall remain as you are until you feel comfortable naked,” Ramm said.

Barra stroked his fingertips over her feet, earning a kick to his chest. “Our princess is ticklish.”

Didier eyed her as if she were a feast and he uncertain where to begin to dine. She wanted to cover her breasts, to hide their tattletale nipples. Ramm’s body imprisoned her hand, while Didier traced the lines in her other palm. That tickled as well, but she strove not to show him how much.

“M-must you tie me?” Barra’s firm grip around one ankle made her aware of her helplessness.

“Yes,” the men said as one.