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Courting KelGreat Dane

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All the female cheerleaders and the basketball team called him “Great Dane”. And they weren’t referring to his prowess on the court. Jennifer Martin didn’t care about his playboy reputation. On her eighteenth birthday, she gave her love and virginity to Dane Derrick Davidson. After a summer of hot sex, he broke her heart, leaving without even saying goodbye. Ten years later, he’s back for her birthday. Does he want another summer of sex? Or this time will he stay forever?

At twenty-five, Dane knew he had no right to seduce his best friend’s sister. But he selfishly wanted her first time to be with him. He knew he had to leave her, let her grow up, and decide from a more mature perspective whether he was more than a teenage crush. Now he’s back, determined to renew her love for him. This time he will keep her for the rest of their lives—even if he has to tie her to his bed and feed her all her favorite fruits to convince her.

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An Excerpt
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Chapter One
Triple D was in Jennifer Martin’s head again, urging her to come, complaining that his tongue was getting tired and his cock limp. Uncharacteristic for Dane Derrick Davidson. When she imagined him making love to her while she masturbated, he had all the time in the world. Today, however, even the memory of his lovemaking failed to bring her release.

Probably because the real man was in her parents’ house, Jennifer thought resentfully. Sitting up in her window seat, she looked down at Dane cavorting in the swimming pool with her brother Greg and Greg’s latest girlfriend. What was her name? Oh yeah. Bambi.

Jennifer sneered. Mother’s who named their daughters Bambi obviously hadn’t read the children’s tale and didn’t know Bambi was a buck. Just as obvious, this Bambi didn’t  know that either. Impaled on Greg’s cock, she reached for Dane’s. Jennifer vowed she’d never swim in the pool again.

“Three’s a crowd.”

The gentle breeze carried Dane’s voice to her. She shivered with longing. At thirteen she’d fallen in love with that deep, rumbling baritone of Dane’s twenty-year-old voice. Now, fifteen years later, it still made her hot with longing
“Unrequited lust’s a bitch,” she said to herself, unshed tears hot behind her eyes. Frustrated by her unfulfilled fantasies, she retreated to her bathroom.

She refused to go downstairs to dinner looking like she’d been drinking for a week. A cold shower would ease her lust and take any puffiness out of her eyes after she finished crying.

Ten years since he left you, for crying out loud. Get over it!

Stripping off her robe, she took inventory of her naked reflection. Compared to Bambi’s petite, curvaceous, blue-eyed blondness, Jennifer looked too tall, too angular, too dark. Nobody had ever called her cute. Even as a curly-haired toddler, her solemn brown eyes had made her seem older and disinclined to laugh.

Nothing much had changed over the intervening years. Except she’d gotten tall enough to play basketball with Greg and his friends and had, finally, grown breasts. Which, depending on who she believed, were either too large—‘Anything over a mouthful’s wasted’—or not big enough to fill a man’s hands.

Nobody ever said anything about the size of a man’s mouth or his hands. Or the size of his cock, for that matter. Every man, Jen suspected, wanted a woman to praise his prowess and claim his cock the longest, thickest, and otherwise best cock on Earth.

Of the three lover’s Jen had had in her life, only Dane deserved wholehearted praise. And the nickname Greg and his friends had given him, Jen amended. ‘Great Dane’ suited him—and his cock—to perfection. Or maybe she agreed only because Dane had been her first lover. On her eighteenth birthday.

Grimacing at the memory, shrugging it away, she stepped into the shower and adjusted the water temperature. The cool sting of needle-like spray eased the frustration from her scalp and shoulders—at best a temporary respite.

The last time she and Dane had made love—had sex, she reminded herself ruthlessly—was in this shower. Seeming unperturbed by the feminine scent of her lavender soap, he’d covered her breasts with his large, long-fingered hands and stroked her nipples to rigid peaks. Unable to recall his words, she remembered his voice in her ear, low and gravelly. His breath felt hot along her throat. His hands glided down her body, parting her trembling thighs with light caresses. His fingers teased her clit then, endless moments later, eased into her pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure rolling over her, she felt his cock—rigid and throbbing—between her buttocks. Bracing her against the tile wall, he entered her from behind. The exquisite pressure of his fingers on her nipples, on her clit, of his cock ramming in and out, of his voice praising her tightness and juicy heat, had brought her to a screaming climax.

He released her, turned her in his arms, and drove into her again. She remembered his words. “Wrap your legs around me.” She did. “I want to see your face when I make you come.” And finally, “Say the words, Jen.”

Afraid he would leave her on the sharp edge of need, she whimpered, “Fuck me, Dane. Fuck me hard.”

His smile feral, his hands tightening on her ass, he took them over the edge of sanity into beautiful chaos.

Now, her body remembered and longed for that moment. Brushing impatiently at her eyes, she willed away the memories and her tears. The next time she decided to satisfy her own sexual needs, she wouldn’t do it in this room or this house. And, she vowed, she wouldn’t imagine Dane anywhere near her.

Slicking wet hair out of her eyes, she left the shower and groped for her towel. Her searching fingers found flesh. Naked, hairy, muscled flesh. Yelping, backing away, she opened her eyes and squelched a shriek.

As if her memories had summoned him, Dane stood before her, her towel dangling from his long fingers. Behind that thick velour, held negligently at his waist, something pulsed the fabric. She knew what but thought, ‘Disgusting,’ her juices seeping, readying her for his penetration. She didn’t know if she found his erection or her body’s reaction disgusting.

She snatched the towel to her breasts. Turning her back to hide the blush flooding her entire body, secreting her puckered nipples, she wrapped the towel around her like a sarong and took a deep breath for courage.